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This term's topic  has been 'Under the Sea'.  In school and at home the children will be finding out about different sea creatures. They will experiment with designing and making a boat and, after testing them out, adapting them so they don't sink! 



As the new term begins and the children are more settled in their new environment, the children will further develop their speaking and listening skills, beginning to generate questions and expand their ideas further. Opportunities to mark make and encouragement to form letters and even some words will be available daily.  Mark making opportunities come in many forms and the children could use paint, shaving foam, sand, flour or even glitter!

The children will continue to be taught phonics every day whilst in Reception. We will be completing Phase 2 of phonics, where the children will learn different letter sounds (phonemes) and their written form (graphemes) before moving on to Phase 3 when the children become secure.



It is important and beneficial to read with your child as often as possible. As you are reading, it is useful to stop and ask questions about what the book is about, what the characters are doing and what might happen next.  At the end of the book get your child to think about what they like or did not like about the book and the reasons why. Once you have read- then please record this in your child’s Reading Diary and add any relevant comments. Your child will be given the opportunity to change their book daily so please ensure they bring their book bag each day.

Please click on the link below to see how you can help your child with phonics:

Helping Your Child with Phonics



In maths the children will be practising counting on and back  when they add and subtract every day objects from a group.   In preparation for next year, the children will enjoy visiting Year One so they can become familiar with the area and the Year One team. 


The links below will help to support your children with phonics play and literacy. 

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