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This term the children will have the chance to engage in a range of multi-sensory activities centred around the topic of 'light and colour'. We will begin the term learning about different celebrations including Bonfire Night and Diwali. 

Later in the term the children will learn the Christmas story and find out about Hanukkah  and begin to practise the story and songs for their first school performance; our Nativity on Tuesday 18th December at either 9.30am or 2pm, a letter inviting you to the performance will be coming home shortly.



This term the children will continue to develop their speaking and listening skills and, in particular their story-telling skills as part of  Diwali and our Nativity. Opportunities to mark make and encouragement to form letters and simple words will be available daily.  This includes mark making both indoors and outdoors.  

The children will continue to be taught phonics every day. We will continue to focus on Phase 2, where the children will learn different letter sounds (phonemes) and their written form (graphemes) to enable them to begin to read and write simple three letter words e.g. cat, pin, hop and recognise tricky words (I ,no, go, to, into, the). Please see below for some useful web-based to help your child.


To support children's early reading skills we will read with each child once a week and record the book they have read in their Reading Diary. You will also see one 'Next Step' written in pink in their Reading Record this term. This next step is a specific skill that we will be working on this term. Your child will be given a book linked to the letters and sounds they are learning in Phonics.  

Home Reading

Regular home reading makes a huge difference to children's progress as readers and writers in the future.  Please continue to support your child with reading at home at least three times a week. Please support your child to recognise the letters they have learnt and spot familiar tricky words that we are learning in phonics e.g. I, no, go, into, the.  The home reading book will have a set of questions or activities at the back. Please use these questions to help your child develop their reading comprehension skills.

Reading Book changing

Please continue to record your child's reading in their Reading Diary and add any relevant comment. At this early stage of their reading we will encourage children to hold onto their books for three days before changing them. This will give your child more time to become familiar with the focus letters and sounds, simple words to read and their understanding of the book. Please continue to send your child in with their reading book and Reading Diary on a daily basis. 



In maths the children will continue to focus on their understanding of number and will begin to combine and subtract quantities to develop their addition and subtraction skills. Practical activities including using a role play shop to begin to add one penny coins will help children to embed these skills. We will also explore repeating patterns and shapes this term. Please see below for some useful web-based to help your child.



Home Learning

Please continue to support your child with their weekly Maths Wizard and Geraldine Literacy and Phonics home learning.  The children really take pride in sharing their home learning with us all in school. The activities are designed to help your child use and apply their maths and literacy skills in their every day experiences. 

PE Kits Please remember to provide your child with a  PE Kit (white polo shirt and red shorts only) and ensure it is in school each Thursday.

Winter clothing  Please ensure your child has a waterproof winter coat in school each day to enable them to stay warm and dry when we are out in the garden.  Now that it is getting colder we recommend that children have hats and gloves.

Final Reminder: In EYFS we start our school day at 9 am.  Please bring your child to their class at this time. If your child is late we ask that you take them up to the office to be signed in.


Thank you for your continued support with your child's learning.  Wishing you and your family a very happy term. 

The EYFS Team